Rates & Project Guide

Rates & Project Guide

Start Your Project

To initiate your Communications project, please fill out our Start a Project form. Using this form will ensure that the right people are involved in assessing your project.

Once you have submitted your request, we will contact you promptly to discuss your needs in greater detail.


Our office has supported the expansion of its services to the University community since 2001 by using a cost-recovery business model. This model requires us to charge for some services. Based on University guidelines, we will only charge what it actually costs to produce your project. When fees apply, our goal is to be as clear as possible, up front, about expected costs and deliverables.

Hourly Rates

Most fee-based services, such as graphic design and editing, fall under the rate schedule below:

  • Hourly rate: $80
  • Minimum charge: $40 (half hour)

Flat Rates

We assign flat-rate fees for some services as a matter of efficiency for not only our staff but our campus partners.


    Our flat rates for photography cover scheduling and planning, travel and setup, photography, light photo editing and delivery of the photos. For assignments that fit within our University photographers' schedules we bill our service as follows:

    • Mini shoot (e.g., individual portrait): $200
    • Half-day rate: $450
    • Full-day rate: $850

    When assignments are passed on to freelance photographers, fees will be billed at their rates, which are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. You will be informed of these fees up front and expected to approve them before work begins. All projects are charged directly to departmental accounts (no interdepartmental invoices).

    Poster design:

    • New: $800
    • Updated: $400

    Cancelled Projects

    Cancelled projects will be billed based on the amount of work completed and any fees imposed by external vendors, if applicable.

    Scheduling & Planning

    Effective communications materials require time to plan and produce, and complex projects require more lead time than others. We strive to achieve a balance with cost (when applicable), time and quality on each project. The most successful projects are created when our clients work collaboratively with us.

    Our office accepts projects based on whether they correspond with our messaging priorities, and depending on our capacity to complete core communication projects for the University and other client projects.

    This section provides exploratory questions that will help you define the scope, content needs and approval process for your project.

    • What is your goal?
    • Who is your intended audience?
    • What product(s) do you think you need to reach your goal?
    • What is your time frame?
    • What is your budget?
    • Who is your point person on this project?
    • Who on your team must approve this project?
    • What existing written content do you need to use for this project? Is it organized?
    • What existing visual content do you need to use for this project?
    • Is your content free of copyright issues?
    • Do you have sample products that inspired your vision for this project?