Elizabeth Patten

Office Manager
Office Phone

Liz Patten attended Montana State University at Billings and earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Rider University, graduating summa cum laude with a concentration in psychology and sociology.

Prior to working in office support positions, she worked for more than 17 years in circulation sales and marketing management at newspapers in Montana, Illinois, Minnesota and New Jersey.

As office manager, she supports the deputy vice president, and oversees the department budget and purchases. She is a current member and former president of the employee resource group Latino Princetonians. Liz loves movies and critiquing them, and is a huge fan of many genres of music. She has single-handedly turned the office into a lush green wonderland with her philodendron plants and cuttings. She enjoys spending time with her family — including visiting her extended family in Montana and Alabama. When she needs to unwind, she twirls the baton or pulls out her coloring books and pencils.