Web, Social Media & App Requirements


We review all sites that use the princeton.edu domain before they launch to be sure they meet the University’s branding and accessibility requirements. Please consult with us when you begin your project and ask for a review at least two weeks before you plan to launch.

Here’s what we look for:

  • Your site identifies itself as a Princeton site by using the Princeton University logo in your site’s header or footer. The logo uses an approved treatment with proper fonts and colors, and links to princeton.edu.
  • You show the University’s copyright notice, including the current year (“© 20xx The Trustees of Princeton University”) in the footer.
  • Contact information for your unit, including address and phone number, is clear and is part of your site’s footer.
  • Your site doesn't advertise, endorse or link to commercial ventures. (There are exceptions: factual mention of the entity to tell your story in ways that do not endorse the company, or for copyright and attribution purposes.)
  • You provide a site-specific search or link to the University’s search.
  • Your site is consistent with the University's accessibility policy (WCAG 2.0 Level AA). In short:,

Keep in mind as you plan and manage your site:

  • You should "own" photos, visual elements and text you publish or have permission from the owner to publish them.
  • “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities” applies to the web, and you are responsible for making sure your content follows these guidelines.

Request a review

Social Media

While there are many social media accounts across the University, we aim to provide an engaging social-media experience no matter which Princeton accounts our audiences follow. Our social media guidelines help to provide content that is unique, creative, informative, engaging and consistent content.

Mobile Apps

University mobile apps can appear in app stores under the University's brand name when they meet standards for branding, accessibility and usability, and are designed to serve a broad audience. Please contact the Office of Communications for information before you begin your project.