Working with News Media


Media requests for information about the University, interviews with members of the Princeton community and filming on campus are handled by our office. The media relations staff is available to help you with requests. We are experienced in handling sensitive subject matter.

Handling Media Requests

If you need assistance regarding an interview request or are not certain whether you are the appropriate person for an interview, please contact the media relations team.

Media Training

We can help you prepare for interviews with print, broadcast and online journalists. Our media training will show you how to get your message across, whether for an interview on your latest discovery or when facing tough public questions. 

Promoting Your Work

News releases help make your work accessible to everyday people. They inform the media of University events and research, and promote the expertise of Princeton people.

The media relations staff issues releases on major research, events and initiatives affecting the University community and are important to society. We can also help you prepare your own releases. Contact our media relations staff for help preparing releases.

Media Access for Guest Lecturers

The Princeton University event host coordinates media access for guests lecturers. This helps ensure that a University staff member remains the contact for reporters who have questions about the event or University policies for press coverage. If there are specific media outlets the visiting individual would like to invite, please forward their request to the Office of Communications and we will extend an invitation to those journalists.

Faculty who allow members of the news media to attend a class must notify students in advance to give them the opportunity to opt-out for privacy concerns.

Outside Photographers and Film Crews

All camera crews and still photographers must obtain authorization in advance from Communications to film, videotape or take pictures on campus. Faculty and staff should notify our staff after they agree to have a photographer or film crew come to campus. We will work with offices across campus to secure the appropriate locations, ensure parking access, notify the Department of Public Safety and confirm that all permission forms are signed.