Strategic Consulting


When University employees need help reaching an audience or achieving a specific communications goal, we can provide advice, strategy and consulting services to help you realize your vision. We can help you find the right tone, use accurate and consistent information and create harmonious design.

We can also help you strategize across media — web, social media, video, news and in print publications — using each to its fullest capacity to convey your message as a coherent and effective whole. Strategy is particularly essential for major projects, such as communication campaigns, that require careful management, implementation, resource coordination and assessment.

Consultation is performed without charge. In a limited number of cases, the office can add resources to projects. We can also help you work with external vendors or refer you to services within the University that will help you meet your goals.

Our designers, writers and news media professionals can offer assistance with publicity options for both one-time events and long-term series when brought in at the appropriate stage of your planning.